Tales from the Trunk


Shelter in Place 21: Cassie Alexander - AITA?

December 3, 2021

This is a spicy one, folks, so put those headphones in! This time around, it was my absolute delight to talk to Cassie Alexander (@CassieY4), author of many fine, spicy books. This time around, we're talking about her newest, AITA? and the fugue-state that Cassie wrote this book in!


Things mentioned on this episode:

AITA? (subreddit) 

Schitt's Creek 

Her Ex-boyfriend's Werewolf Lover, by Cassie Alexander

Blood of the Pack, by Cassie Alexander

Sons of Anarchy 

Chuck Tingle 

Quiver & Quill, by A. M. Kore

Mothman (cryptid)

Cassie's website and TikTok 


Stick around for next time, when Victor Manibo will be joining the show!

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