Tales from the Trunk


Episode 39: Michael R. Underwood - The Broken Summit

May 20, 2022

Update: I've fixed some issues with the audio mixing for this episode that should make it easier to listen to now.

This time around, it’s my absolute joy to welcome Michael R. Underwood (@MikeRUnderwood) to the show! Mike reads from his trunked novel, The Broken Summit before (and after) we have a conversation about the intersection of writing and tabletop roleplaying, the life of a content creator, and some excellent advice about shaping your career goals.


This episode’s reading is 17 minutes long and carries content warnings for themes of war and imperialism.


Things we mention on this episode:

Friends at the Table

The Adventure Zone

The Quiet Year

The McElroys

Thirsty Sword Lesbians

Tom Clancy

Angry Robot Books

Penguin Random House

Hot Wheels boosters

Chilling Effect, bu Valeria Vlades

Yoon Ha Lee

River of Teeth, Taste of Marrow, and Magic for Liars, by Sarah Gailey

Sarah’s Star Wars tweets

Genrenauts series, by Michael R. Underwood

Monster of the Week

Tortall setting (Tamora Pierce)

Blue Rose (RPG)

3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons

Shadowrun 3rd Edition


Dogs in the Vineyard

Apocalypse World

Blades in the Dark


Indie Press Revolution


Creative Commons

Game Jam

Open Game License

Powered by the Apocalypse





Mage: The Ascension

White Wolf Publishing

The Game Master’s Apprentice


Friends Journal Quaker Spec-Fic issue


Clarion West

Cassie Alexander

Better-Faster Academy

Dear Writer, You Need to Quit, by Becca Syme

The Nebula Awards

George R. R. Martin


Elden Ring


Maya MacGregor’s TikTok

The Many Half-Lived Lives of Sam Sylvester, by Maya MacGregor

Hank Green

Celebromancy series, by Michael R. Underwood

Citizen Sleeper

Dungeons and Dating series, by Katherine McIntyre

Mike’s Twitch 

Val’s Twitch


Karen Osborne’s Twitch


Join us again next month, when my guests will be Sarah Gailey and Amanda Cook!

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