Tales from the Trunk


Episode 11: C. L. Polk - “Memory and a Monkey”

January 17, 2020
On this episode, World Fantasy Award winner C. L. Polk (@clpolk) joins us to talk being an early-career writer, losing at NaNoWriMo, her early strategies for submitting stories, and why stories don't land. Cee reads to us from a trunked first draft, "Memory and a Monkey," which is a very fun sci-fi detective story. The sequel to Witchmark, Stormsong, comes out February 11th, 2020 from Tor.com books.
On this episode, we mentioned:
Witchmark, by C. L. Polk
The His Dark Materials series, by Philip Pullman
"Writing Begins With Forgiveness," by Daniel Jose Older
"Bullet in the Brain," by Tobias Wolff
Diggers (my dad actually got me Truckers), The Bromeliad Trilogy, by Terry Pratchett
Stormsong, by C. L. Polk
The Midnight Bargain, by C. L. Polk
"The Air Gap," by Hilary B. Bisenieks, LampLight Magazine
Join us again next month, when I'm excited to announce that our guest will be novelist K. B. Wagers.
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