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Book Tour 22: Jordan Kurella – When I Was Lost

November 4, 2022

This time around, it’s my distinct pleasure to welcome back to the show Jordan Kurella (@kurellian) to talk about his new collection, When I Was Lost, available now wherever fine books are sold! He reads a previously-unpublished story, “The Hero and the Leviathan,” out of the collection, which leads us to ponder the question: what if a spaceship had PTSD?


Things we mention in this episode:


Trepidatio Press

Mikio Murakami

Jewel of the Vashwa,” by Jordan Kurella in Apex Magazin

Keanu Reeves

Apex Magazine

Jason Sizemore

Friends at the Table - HOUNDS



Aaron Rosenberg

Gen Con

The Imperial Radch trilogy, by Ann Leckie

“How the Carrion Crew Stopped Courting Death and Other Methods of Lost Hope,” by Jordan Kurella in Fusion Fragment #6

A Promise of Dying Embers,” by Jordan Kurella in Diabolical Plots

King’s Quest III 

“The Warsong of Berra and Irrit,” by Jordan Kurella in Lamplight Magazine

Lamplight Magazine

E Catherine Tobler

Shimmer Magazine

The Deadlands

“The Air Gap,” by Hilary B. Bisenieks in Lamplight Magazine

Jacob Haddon

Mary Shelley

I Never Liked You Anyway, by Jordan Kurella

Orpheus and Euridice

Am I the Asshole?

Dead Collections, by Isaac Fellman

Archive Of Our Own

Final Fantasy XIV


World of Warcraft


The Sandman (Netflix)

Mythic Quest

Siren Queen, by Nghi Vho

Jordan’s first episode

Jordan’s website


Join us again in two weeks, when my guest will be R.J. Theodore!

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