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Book Tour 20: Neon Yang – The Genesis of Misery

September 2, 2022

As mentioned at the top of the show, I have a game out, All Our Yesterdays, which you can find on my Itch.io!


It’s my absolute pleasure, this time around, to welcome Neon Yang to the show to talk about their brand new book, The Genesis of Misery, out September 27th, 2022, from Tor books! Neon reads to us from the start of the book, which leads us into some great discussion about why doing multiple rewrites can be good, actually.


Things we mention in this episode:


Neon’s Tensorate series

Joan of Arc


Sarah Gailey’s latest book tour

Just Like Home, by Sarah Gailey

Dongwon Song

Friends at the Table PARTIZAN

Monster Hunter Rise

Devil May Cry

Elden Ring

Neon’s insta


Join us next time, when my guest will be Aimee Kuzenski!

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