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Episode 2: Sarah Hollowell - “Several Emails Regarding a Ceiling Fan and a New Kitten”

This episode completes our Sarah-fiction double-feature with guest Sarah Hollowell (@sarahhollowell). Sarah reads her story, "Several Emails Regarding a Ceiling Fan and a New Kitten," and we talk about some of the differences between genre-focused writing workshops and creative writing programs at colleges. Also: rejection. It's a thing that's going to happen to you as a writer.

On this episode, we make a passing reference to pay rates without actually explaining what they are. Accoring to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, SFWA (SIFF-wa), pro rates for short fiction, as of this episode's airing, are $0.06/word or above (although these rates are being raised later in 2019). Anything below that rate but above $0.01/word is considered semi-pro, and anything below that is considered token pay.


Things mentioned in this episode:

Duotrope (paid) and The Submissions Grinder (free)

RIP to Shimmer Magazine

"Crow's Eye," by Sarah Hollowell

Alpha, the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Workshop for Young Writers

Annihilation, by Jeff VanderMeer

The art of Galen Dara

"Every Fat Person, Healthy or Not, Deserves Respect," by Sarah Hollowell for The Huffington Post

Texts from A on Frolic (as of this airing, this series is now appearing weekly)

"Hello, Wild Things, and Good Luck," by Sarah Hollowell

Michael with a B


Join us again on May 17th, with guest R. K. Duncan!

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