Tales from the Trunk


Episode 3: R. K. Duncan - “The Night School”

For this episode, our shortest episode to date, I have the great pleasure of having on one of my oldest friends, Robin (R. K.) Duncan (@rkduncanauthor). He reads an excerpt of his story, "The Night School," which is a very atmospheric piece out of his back catalog, and we talk about discovering our personal processes and doing real, honest-to-god postal subs as baby-writers.

The Fisher of Bones, by Sarah Gailey

Fireside Quarterly

"STET", by Sarah Gailey

A Punk Rock Future (Amazon preorder)

"Farewell Concert at the World's End" (audio), by R. K. Duncan

"The Best Busker in the World" (audio/text), by R. K. Duncan

"How I Became Coruscating Queen of All the Realms, Pierced the Obsidian Night, Destroyed a Legendary Sword, and Saved My Heart’s True Love" (audio/text), by Baker & Dovey (reprinted from No Shit, There I Was)


Join us again on June 21st, with guest Kate Lechler!

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