Tales from the Trunk


Episode 4: Kate Lechler - “4PM at the Three-Eyed Dog”

On this month's episode, I'm excited to finally be talking voice-to-voice with longtime inter-friend and fantastic writer, Kate Lechler (@KateLechler). Kate reads her story, "4PM at the Three-Eyed Dog," a super-fun noir mood-piece, and we talk about how we take care of our mental health when one of our greatest sources of online community, Twitter, is also a terrible cesspit of human misery.

Things mentioned in this episode:

Mary Robinette Kowal and Cat Rambo's online writing classes

"Throw Yourself Like Seed" – Miguel de Unamuno

Kate's editing service, Cephalopod Editing


Join us here next month, when we'll have Valerie Valdez!


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