Tales from the Trunk


Episode 26: Nino Cipri - “Presque Vu”

This time around, we're joined by Nino Cipri (@ninocipri) to talk about their forthcoming Defekt, sequel to the amazing, Hugo-finalist novella, Finna. Nino reads their trunked story, "Presque Vu" (no, not that one, the trunked one), and we talk about their thoughts on composting stories, writing workshops, and why capitalism is bad, actually.

Things we mention in this episode:

Homesick, by Nino Cipri

The Clarion (and Clarion West) Workshop

"Presque Vu," by Nino Cipri


420 (nice)

The Nebula Conference 


N. K. Jemisin 

John Scalzi 

Jim C. Hines 

Nino's website, insta, and newsletter 


Join us again in May when our guests will be Sarah Loch and R. J. Theodore!


Shelter in Place 13: Steve Toase - To Drown in Dark Water

This time around on book tour, we're joined by Steve Toase (@stevetoase), whose collection, To Drown in Dark Water, releases on April 27th, 2021! After Steve reads a selection of flash stories from the collection, we talk about cosmic horror, organic servers, and the Munich art scene.


Things we mention in the episode:

Jordan Kurella's appearance on the show

The Best Horror of the Year, volumes 6 and 11, edited by Ellen Datlow

Stefan Koidl 

Hazel Ang 

Short Story Day

"Terminus Post Quem," by Steve Toase

Mad Scientist Journal 



RFC (Request for Comments)

April Fool's RFCs 

Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol 

IP over Avian Carriers 

Whale fall 

"The Silent Brush of Wings," by Steve Toase, in Three-Lobed Burning Eye

Franz Marc 

Der Blaue Reiter 


"Simplicity," by Wassily Kandinsky

Death in Venice, by Thomas Mann

Gladius Dei, by Thomas Mann

Robert W. Chambers 

M.R. James 

our awful, racist uncle, Howard (Phillips Lovecraft) 

Paul Klee 

Cosmic horror 

The King in Yellow, by Robert W. Chambers

The Yellow Sign, by Robert W. Chambers

Fortean Times Magazine 

Harrogate, north Yorkshire

Flint knapping 


Asbestosis WARNING: some gross images on that wikipedia page

Embodied Geographies, edited by Elizabeth Kenworthy Teather

Steve's blog 

Steve's newsletter 

Steve's patreon 


Join us again on April 16th, when our guest will be Nino Cipri!

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